The Acoustic Property of Ancient Peoples, Finishing Line Press

Washington Independent Review of Books (Grace Cavalieri) review of The Acoustic Property of Ancient Peoples

Individual Published Poems

“In Search of Blue”, Blue Nib

“Theory of Air”, “Biophony” “Water Lilly at the Edge of a Dream”, “The Unspeakable Sense of Connection” and “The Acoustic Property of Ancient People”, The Syzygy Poetry Journal

“Boneseed Lilac”, The Broadkill Review 9(1)

“White Father”, Haven 1

“Attentive Heart”, Life in Me Like Grass on Fire: Love Poems, Maryland Writers Anthology

“Fractal Activity”, Northern Virginia Review 26, Northern Virginia Community College

“To a Jewel”, Runner-up, Arlington County Arts, MOVING WORDS contest

“Carbon”, Dominion Review 8, Old Dominion University

“Artifacts”, Folio Winter, The American University.

“Visiting Mother’s Room”, Lip Service Magazine 3, Washington DC

“A Dream Deferred”, The Review 17 (2), The College of William and Mary

“Losing It”, Inscape XII, Morehead State University

Poetry Talks

The Bay to Ocean Writers’ Conference

Mining the World of Science for Ideas and Language to Expand Your Poetry

Much like ekphrasis, which uses visual art as a jump off point, science articles offer both unique phenomena and highly specific vocabulary to plumb to build the scaffolding of poetry.  And the substructure of ideas provides space for more esoteric, even spiritual explorations that link questions about grand design with the granularity of a narrator’s voice.  During the 60 minutes, the speaker will deconstruct two poems, highlight the challenges faced, and the opportunities found in this process. A hands-on exercise will immerse the audience during the final 20 minutes, working first with a partner, and having audience members share their results.

Online Poetry Content

30 Habits of Highly Effective Poets #16: Michael Tims on the Scientific Method

Archived Blog: Hyattstown Millstone

Art Exhibit Curator

Deep Listening: An exhibition about text and context. (2016) Hyattstown Mill Arts Project, Hyattstown, MD

This is an exhibition about text and context – words, language, documents and scripted speech. It explores the moment when text becomes more than a collection of letters, or phrases or simple meaning. When we experience text as story, we hear a primitive call to connect to the voice behind the words. Deep Listening in the writer and reader conjures something into life, something between us that joins everyone momentarily. Will we know it when it happens?

Imagine twin-tuning forks, each calibrated to different frequencies. The first, a writer, responds to the energy of the ether, the sound created a story. A second tuning fork, the readers, operates on a lower frequency and picks up the vibrational impulse from the writer and resonates differently. The story now belongs to them and the telling happens in a space we call Deep Listening.